1. Pentagraph 02


  2. Phýllondelic -

    Inspired by Phyllotaxis, the mathematic arrangement of leaves and seeds within plants (and nature in general) which utilises the golden ratio and fibonacci to produce the most energy and space efficient designs.


  3. 'Let there be light'

    When I looked at this photo today I realised it is the first and only image of myself working. I realised that my photos only tell half of the story. The story of the creation. But what of the story of the creator? What of the bond between both?
    The relationship between creation and creator is a truly sacred one. Not only is the creator present within his creations, but a fragment of each is within him. In this image I am creating light.. but it’s my creation that is lighting my own face up, in more ways than one.


  4. Watercoloured Pentagraph.


  5. Transcendental Llamatation