1. Last evening’s experiments.


  2. Hey guys, one year ago I lauched this blog.
    Well, we’re here 365 days later and it’s been pretty good so far.

    I’ve Gained:
    a domain name,
    3 featured tags, 
    41 pieces of art posted (Averaging out at a post every 9 days),
    21,102 notes,
    tons of experience and hours of practise n’ shit

    I started the blog to serve as a portfolio. A few months ago I approached birmingham metropolitain college (a pretty prestigious place for graphics) with my blog and nothing else. They said I’d probably be accepted if I showed them some decent life drawings, which is pretty cool. I think I’m just gonna stay home educated anyway, though, cause I’m not too fond of institutions and I reckon I’d do better just teaching myself what I want to learn. 
    The other reason for publishing my work to an audience is because it’s forced me to steadily produce work to a certain level of completion and polishedness. The improvement of my skills is visible just by looking at the work I made on my site last year then scrolling up to more recent things.

    Cheers all, stay awesome, I hope to bring you all even better news next year and It’s great to hear about what you are all doing too  ,
    Dom ^^ xx


  3. Part of my fractal experiments.


  4. Steelworks Cinemagraph


  5. Icosphere